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National Kissing Day: Different Types of Kisses and Their Flower Meanings

23 June 2016
By Ashley

To celebrate National Kissing Day, we thought we’d have a bit of fun and match the different types of kisses to their flower meanings!

For instance, Roses and Calla Lilies perfectly capture the feelings of a first kiss, while red roses symbolize the passion of a french kiss. Did you know that pink Carnations stand for a mother’s undying love, and represent mum’s magical kisses? Stocks are a symbol of affection, a happy life and a content existence and are a perfect match for a friendly peck on the cheek. Find out more about our flowery kisses!

What's Your Summer Personality?

7 June 2016
By Ashley

When you think of summer, does your mind wander off to a barbeque or an outdoor party with all your friends and family? Do you imagine popping on a bikini, sunbathing in the garden and pretending you're on holiday? Maybe you want to grab your trainers and go for an outdoor run. Or are you the one making sure everyone's lathered in sun cream? Whichever it is, it's a good indicator of your summer personality!

To celebrate the launch of our summer range , we've matched some of our favourite flowers to each personality. So, are you the Socialiser, Nurturer, Sun Worshipper or Heart Racer? Maybe you're a bit of all four!

Smile and be amazed

5 May 2016
By Laura

The science behind your smile…

We all know a beautiful smile can light up a room. But did you know that smiling is good for your health? When you smile, it activates feel good messages straight to your brain that help you to relax along with lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. It also releases a mood-lifting chemical, meaning a smile is a 100% natural anti-depressant. Get smiling and get happy!

Banish the winter blues!

1 February 2016
By Laura

The mornings are dark, the days are long and Christmas feels like a long time ago, right? But don't worry, take a look at our 5 reasons why Spring flowers can brighten up your day...

Join our Pinterest Competition and pin to win!

18 December 2015
By Laura

To combine our love of flowers with our love of Pinterest, we’re launching a fantastic competition to win one of our beautiful bouquets. All you need to do to enter is:
• Follow us on Pinterest
• Pin your favourite Flowers Direct Christmas bouquet onto a board called ‘Get Festive with Flowers Direct’
• Repin our competition image to your board and tag it with #festiveflowersdirect
• Fill your board with images inspired by your favourite bouquet

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