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Banish the winter blues!

By Laura

1 February 2016

The mornings are dark, the days are long and Christmas feels like a long time ago, right? But don't worry, take a look at our 5 reasons why Spring flowers can brighten up your day.

1. Tulips for romance

We all think of roses when it comes to expressing our undying love. But wait! What about the tulip? Different coloured tulips symbolises various types of love:
• Red tulip for undying love
• Purple tulip for forever love
• White tulips for one sided love
• Yellow tulips for hopeless love
All of these gorgeous colours are in our Bright Tulip mix bouquet – how about that for an alternative Valentine's gift?

2. Healing properties of hyacinth

It's a fact that hyacinth smells wonderful. But it also has healing properties when used in aromatherapy. Its healing properties include overcoming certain fears and anxieties and can even have a positive effect on helping to treat fatigue and stress.Who knew?!

3. Using daffodils as payment

The golden daffodil is a symbol that Spring has truly arrived. But did you also know that the humble daffodilcan be used as rent? The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust leases over 100 islands from Prince Charles for the annual rent of one daffodil. Perhaps we can persuade our landlords to take rent in the form of Spring flowers?

4. Iris and rainbows

The beautiful iris takes its name from the Greek word for rainbow and is cultivated in a wide mix of vibrant colours – what better way to brighten up a cold, dark day than with bouquets of brightly coloured blooms?

5. Unusual Tulips

Ah, the humble tulip! This flower is a stunner in all its bright and bold colours that are sure to put a smile on your face. But did you know there are over 3000 different varieties of tulips cultivated across the globe? Our favourite is the Flaming Parrot– what's not to love about this crazy looking red and white tulip that looks just like a bird's feather?

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