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What's Your Summer Personality?

By Ashley

7 June 2016


When you think of summer, does your mind wander off to a barbeque or an outdoor party with all your friends and family? Do you imagine popping on a bikini, sunbathing in the garden and pretending you're on holiday? Maybe you want to grab your trainers and go for an outdoor run. Or are you the one making sure everyone's lathered in sun cream? Whichever it is, it's a good indicator of your summer personality!

To celebrate the launch of our summer range , we've matched some of our favourite flowers to each personality. So, are you the Socialiser, Nurturer, Sun Worshipper or Heart Racer? Maybe you're a bit of all four!


The Socialiser

You wake up, see a bright blue sky and immediately decide you're having a BBQ later (after you've squeezed in a few hours sunbathing of course!) You tell friends, family and neighbours to come round because you'll be cooking up a storm! For you Pimms is summer and there's the added bonus that it's one of your 5 a day isn't it?

You rush to the supermarket before all the good stuff has gone (halloumi anyone?) and bag a bottle of Escubac - because you know it's going to be THE drink of the summer (move over, G&T!).

Okay, so the ice buckets are full, you have the BBQ going, summer tunes blasting and a few vases of flowers dotted around the house. You know how flowers cheer people up and reduce stress - just what a party needs!

Our Vibrant Summer Blooms is perfect for you; bold, loud and gorgeous!


The Nurturer

You're always looking after everyone else. You see a bee stuck inside the house, so you open the window and shoo it out, because the world needs bees! After each hot day you're the one that's outside at 8pm watering your hanging baskets and the rest of your garden - there'll be NO thirsty flowers on your watch.

You make sure everyone's covered in sun cream before they even LOOK at the sun, and add a bit of insect repellant, you know, just in case...

You're always buying flowers for others because you know they have amazing health benefits. When you last visited your friend in hospital, you took a huge bunch because you knew they'd reduce her blood pressure, make her sleep better AND help her recover quicker. Basically, you're a saint.

As you do so much for others, we think you deserve an astounding bunch of beautiful Elegant Lisianthus - these blooms are always in demand!


The Sun Worshipper

If it's a hot day, you'll be glued to your prized sun lounger in the garden. You spent ages researching garden furniture last year to find just the right one! You cancel ALL plans if there's a chance to top up your tan (your friend won't be that bothered you didn't turn up for her engagement party...right?)

You love nothing more than to catch up on the latest news while you tan yes. Vogue is news! And you'll daydream about your next holiday while you feel the sun soaking into your skin. Sunbathing is an art you've perfected, so no there's never any strap marks for you!

As a sun worshipper, you'll probably enjoy the company of a fellow sun worshipper a bunch of our Glorious Sunflowers !

It's a match made in heaven.


The Heart Racer

You don't miss a chance to top up on your free dose of vitamin D! And who can blame you? When the sun's rays magically boost metabolism AND strengthen your immune system, it'd be rude not to take advantage!

If the sun's out, you're out. Running, walking, biking - you name it, if it gets the heart racing you're there! You love exercising in the summer because there's colour everywhere and you can fill your lungs with some fresh air (sweaty gym air just doesn't cut it).

You'll be buzzing after being outdoors, so why not prolong the endorphin high with a bunch of Summer Stocks? We put them together to remind you of the countryside you conquered on your last run. Even Strava's still catching up with you!


So which are you?

You'll find our new summer range here, and if you like us on Facebook you could be in with a chance of winning some of our lovely summer giveaways too!