Our Customer

We take great pride in making sure our flowers arrive looking as stunningly fresh as when they left us.

Of course, we also take pride in making sure our flower delivery service is the best it can be for our hundreds of happy customers each and every week.

How Are Reviews Collected?

To ensure we are doing the best for our customers, we partnered with Feefo to enable real people who buy our flowers & gifts to provide feedback about their experience with us.

This includes the opportunity to write detailed descriptions for each item purchased, upload photographs & provide an overall star rating out of five for their experience as a whole.

Why Should I Trust Feefo?

Feefo is an independent online review system that contacts our customers by email after they have received their floral gift, allowing them plenty of time to enjoy it. In the email, Feefo asks to leave feedback about the experience & encourages our customers to be as detailed as possible. All the feedback collected regarding our service & products is available to be viewed publically, whether positive or negative, as we believe in complete transparency with our customers.

Why are Reviews So Important?

We appreciate that customers take time out of their day to leave a review for us, so we take the time to listen when there is a problem. As a direct result of our customer comments, we have been able to revolutionise the way we deliver flowers throughout the UK.

How To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Double Dose of flower food

Adding a double dose of flower food to keep our blooms as fresh as can be & lasting as long as possible.

Our nifty bloom protector

The bloom protector safeguards our fresh blooms as they are being delivered.

Flower Care Guide

Including a helpful step by step care guide to make sure our bouquets can be kept happy & healthy no matter how flower savvy you are.

Award winning packaging

The design of our gold standard, award winning bouquet shaped box to keep our petals protected & stems snug while in transit.

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Customer Testimonials & Photos

Bouquets our customers love

As well as reviewing our overall service, feefo encourages our customers to leave a product specific review using the 5 star system along with any comments they may have. These are also shown publically underneath our bouquets, plants & gifts. This way, it gives our customers the opportunity to shop with confidence and be certain the floral gift they have chosen is perfect for them.