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National Kissing Day: Different Types of Kisses and Their Flower Meanings

By Ashley

23 June 2016


To celebrate National Kissing Day, we thought we’d have a bit of fun and match the different types of kisses to their flower meanings!


First Kiss

The first kiss is one of the most important because it signals the start of a romantic relationship. That’s why so many of us get so nervous about it! Think back to your first kiss and you’ll see what we mean…

Roses and Calla Lilies capture those first kiss feelings perfectly! Lilac Roses symbolise love at first sight and white Calla Lilies show youthful innocence and purity.

These would make perfect corsage flowers for teenagers attending their first prom. Aww.


French Kiss

Now we’ve had the innocence of a first kiss, let’s spice things up a bit with the passion of the french kiss! This kiss is one of the most popular romantic kisses and is also known as ‘tongue kissing’ but we’ll stick to french kissing since it sounds so much more chic!

If any flower captures the passion of a french kiss it has to be red Roses. They represent desire and being completely in love with someone.


Mum's Magic Kiss

Think back to when you were tiny - what would happen if you fell over and scraped your knee? Mum came to the rescue with a magic kiss, didn’t she? Those magic kisses could make the pain of any bump or scrape disappear in seconds (along with a special Disney plaster).

We think mum’s magical kisses are best represented by pink Carnations because they stand for a mother’s undying love.


Peck on the Cheek

This type of kiss is friendly, and is often used to greet or say goodbye to friends and loved ones. It’s also very common in mainland Europe to greet someone you’ve just met with one or two pecks on each cheek.

Stocks represent this kiss perfectly. They’re a symbol of affection, a happy life and a content existence all things which our family and friends make us feel!


Kiss on the Hand

When someone kisses the back of your hand, it’s so delicate and charming it’ll probably give you goosebumps. Nothing says old fashioned romance quite like this gentle kiss followed by a deep look into your eyes.

There’s a few emotions flying around here, so we’ve given you a mix of flowers to match this. Sunflowers show the warmth and adoration of this kiss, while Irises capture the faith, valor and promise it represents. We’d also throw in some Tulips because this kiss is all about elegance and grace.


The Lipstick Kiss

This kiss is fun, confident and glamorous! As the name suggests, the lipstick kiss leaves a trace of lipstick on a cheek (or collar) so the world can see you’ve just been kissed. Perfect for those who want to leave a lasting impression!

Orange Calla Lillies go perfectly with this kiss because they symbolise a passion for life, confidence and enthusiasm they’re also incredibly striking and are the focus of attention in any room!


Get out there and kiss the one you love today!

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