21 July 2016


How to Look After Your Flowers in the Summer Heat

By Ashley

It's scorching outside, we're hot, you're hot, and your flowers are definitely hot! So what should you do to look after your flowers in this heat?

We've teamed up with Morgan (our resident flower specialist) and asked him for a few tips. Here's what he had to say:


Keep an eye on the water

As tempting as it is to fill the vase right to the top when it's warm (the flowers will be thirsty, right?) you actually shouldn't overfill the vase. All this does is increase the production of bacteria in the water, so by keeping the water level lower your flowers will last much longer!

You should also change the water every few days to keep bacteria to a minimum AND give the stems a wash as well (strange, but it works!)


Trim the stems properly

You might have heard of this one, but it's worth repeating. When you first unwrap your flowers, make sure that you cut a little from the bottom of the stems (try to do this at an angle) as this allows your flowers to hydrate properly. This works particularly well for woody stems; they're the royal marines of stems so you'll need some good scissors to cut through them!

Most people stop after trimming the stems, but you won't, will you? You, the budding flower expert, know that you now need to remove any excess leaves that will end up below the water in the vase. Remove any nodes and knuckles so your stems are as smooth as possible. You might want to use a knife to do this but be extra careful if you do.


Feed your flowers!

Your fresh flowers will love you if you give them flower food. It's like catnip for flowers!

Flower food is designed to feed the weakest flowers in the bunch, which means your whole bunch will last longer. This is why we include two doses with all of our beautiful bouquets.


Direct sunlight is a no no

If you can, try to avoid putting your flowers in direct sunlight (so no windowsills). We know it goes against everything you were taught in science BUT our expert says that putting flowers in the window in the height of summer is like leaving a dog in a hot car - don't do it!

Try to find an area that is flooded with sunlight (kitchen table perhaps?), but not directly next to glass; this intensifies the heat.


Wash your vase

If you're anything like us, you probably tip the water out of the vase when you're done with it and pop it away. Well, we should all go and sit on the naughty step because we should be cleaning the vase with a tiny amount of bleach and rinsing thoroughly. This way, the bacteria is banished and your vase is ready and waiting for your next lovely bunch!


Pick flowers that are in season

Because so many wonderful kinds of flowers are available to us all year round, it's easy to forget which are in season. If you want flowers that will last longer in the summer heat, it makes sense to pick some that are at their best during the summer months.

Be on the lookout for Sunflowers, Carnations and other summer superstars, like you can find in our Summer Collection. Our seasonal ranges are not only stunning, there is some science behind them too!


We'd like to say a huge thank you to Morgan for his excellent advice! If you're looking for flowers that are in season, you'll find some good ones here. We hope you're enjoying this beautiful summer we're finally having!