Christmas Plants

Our stunning Christmas plant range will return in time for December 2017. You can still explore our seasonal range below.

Break the tradition this year and send a stunning Christmas plant gift to let your family and friends know just how much they mean to you. Just like our flowers, our Christmas plant range comes complete with everything they need to thrive including their stylish containers so you can simply add water and admire. Plants are a wonderful gift to serve as a lasting reminder of a sentiment and during the festive season a sentimental gift is just the ticket to make your loved ones happy.

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Bring the Festive Outdoors In

When the days are cold and the nights are dark & all you want to do is stay indoors, there’s nothing more comforting than bringing some freshness of the outdoors into your home. Just like our bouquets, our Christmas plant collection will be arranged by hand and delivered in our award winning packaging using our trusted and dedicated delivery service. Not only this but we also offer free next day delivery on all orders by 3pm and our happiness guarantee on our entire range.